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Happy new year!!

Posted by RedSheIs - 13 days ago

So what have I been up to,.. well I have been working on some character deign stuff mostly for a game my husband and I are making, I also have been applying and getting interviews all rapped up last week and this week. The holidays seem to be calming down so my night shift work wont be so time demanding for me to get what I need done for this year.

Resolutions? I don't really make new years resolutions I just problem solving things for the new year I want to achieve, mostly just can we survive another year when it comes to finances. Same goes for my birthday I don't really want anything because I know we really can't afford extra expenses, Christmas money help us pay the bills and all that so I am pretty happy. I know what I want for my birthday but I know I can't get it. It's not an object it's a lot of untenable things. Like It wold be nice if I got the job at the game company for my birthday but its 1 in like 400 chance so the odds are really low. I would like to go to a convention this year but thats a goal for next year . :3

I did eventually see a therapist about my stresses and problems and well ....she was recoiling in her seat and didn't have much advice to help me, not much you can do when your stuck with a unless dagree and no one will hire you because you been at school for 3 + years in freelance for 4 more years with no retail experience to be hired at your local stores. Felt too ashamed to hang out with friends because I couldn't a-ford it. I finally got a job in janitorial work at the theater right when Frozen 2 & Star wars came out so it was a good excuse to dich the relatives during the holidays.